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Our relaxing massages make perfect presents.

When you give a massage gift certificate, you’ll be appreciated twice for your gift. Once when you give the recipient the certificate, and again when the recipient sees you after the massage!

Below are some of our Gift Certificate suggestions.

30 Minute Massage: $45
60 Minute Massage: $85
90 Minute Massage: $130
Spa Package “Signature Treatment”
Pampering Deluxe Facial & Full Body Massage
75 minutes: $180
Add a Gratuity: $20

Gift Certificate Instructions

  1. Display the Gift Certificate
  2. Print the Gift Certificate. (If you have photo paper or heavy card stock, you may wish load it in your printer first.)
  3. Click the Buy Now button for your Gift Certificate selection.
  4. After paying for the Gift Certificate via Paypal, input the purchase date and the last 4 digits of the paypal authorization number you receive via e-mail as the “No:___” field on the Gift Certificate. (This will be used to authorize the Gift Certificate).
  5. Fill out the rest of the Gift Certificate, present it to your recipient, and be prepared to be thanked twice!